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I moved to Portland Oregon in Feb 2015 and my life has never been the same…..I have a crazy pup named Sage, and two lazy fat cats Isadora and Wee Kitty. I started this blog to share my short stories, poems and thoughts. I think as humans we all struggle to find where we belong and this is my journey. Walking among the trees, the glow of the moon has always been my healing. Black tree realm is that dark ethereal land of my healing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it…and that my words, my wounds can flutter on the wind to find there way into your own hearts and minds. Connection is like that sometimes, filled with mystery and magic, but other times its filled with empathy, understanding and not feeling so alone in this large wild world. “Love and Light”…..blndjulie@gmail.com

NOTE: Everything written on this site is the property of Julie Mathison and should not be copied, or used anywhere without my permission. Absolutely NO ONE has permission to copy and paste any portion of my writings, blogs or poems into their own website or blog and claim it as their own writing without acknowledging the source of the information. It is easy to find out if things are poached or stolen and its just bad Karma, so please don’t it.


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