My Truth…


I had a feeling…

quickened my breath

was my own undoing

felt an internal burning

tightening of my thoughts

I had a dream…

that I was kind

heard my fathers laughter

touched your face

was forgiven

I had a nightmare…

that this was real

grasping at the ground

felt my fear

was locked in my own prison

I had hope…

heard my own laughter

felt my hear flutter

felt the rain

 I was forgiven

One thought on “My Truth…

  1. Erica says:

    I liked that, flowed pretty good actually, sounds like it was about all that you went through in the last year, and then a lot about forgiveness….am I close?

    Crazy you have lived in Portland a year! You moved in Nov right? you have NOT been gone a year have you? That makes me sad actually.

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