Heart in a Box…


This Post is dedicated to my tribe of one here in Portland, the Thelma to my Louise, the LaVerne to my Shirley…Nanc-Pants who without I would probably be dirty, real smelly and hanging out under a bridge like an angry troll. I wrote the poem below a few months ago but I kept changing it and adding to it, and probably I still will. I want to touch on our lessons, the lessons of learning that what we give out to the universe, give to others, do for others, we must realize we will not always get the same in return. Humans, we are a hard bunch, the inabilities of some are the strengths of others. Some will never have the kindness, compassion or empathy that we posses, others will never be emotionally mature or available, and still others, will just be, well…assholes. We always have the choice to continue, or to give up. My hope is that giving up is not in our vocabulary, that we don’t let any of our past stop us from living; we all learn to let go of the ghosts that swim in our heads, haunt our hearts and as we look inside we find inner strength and the beauty that lies within. Crazy as we all are sometimes, remember that “there is a fine line between sanity and insanity when it comes to love and war”, and I know this personally.  So we get up, brush ourselves off and we go on, we lie to ourselves until it becomes truth; that hollowness will become a lesson, a deep one, this is my promise to you.



This heart

in a box

Loved so fiercely with such force

It broke  in two

Pain like ice then fire

Drowning within


This heart in a grave

Bury it

you who broke me with all your worth

Lovers becoming, become strangers
Screaming in my head

Moving within the realm of darkness

Even empty hearts give off light


Scars unable to heal

Rippling and Rough

Transformations of what is within

without we will perish

Light is a factor of darkness


Touch me, love me, fight for me

Hate me, leave me, break me

Breathe is taken, pain is the gift

What is whole is broken, what is broken is whole



Light  the absence of all

The mirror reflects what is becoming

The ghosts of what we have been

The ghosts of those we have loved


The arrow, piercing, lessons learned

Perfect love to cast out fear

The soul is rising, ashes and dust

Growth is a factor of pain

Lessons of the trees


2 thoughts on “Heart in a Box…

  1. Erica says:

    I agree, the choice to continue or give up, to definitely continue. I still grapple with some of the poem as far as the meanings but of course it will mean different things to different people that’s how poetry is. I like it though:)

  2. Candy says:

    I have never been into poems but reading this Ithought it was amazing. We haven’t been in touch for a while but I do know some of the feelings and emotions that brought on the poem and it has so much trueth to the words and I have felt a lot of the same emotions. I wish I could write. Love you girl, 🙂

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